Q.1 - If I am a beginner, can I come ?

All levels can participate, no problem, the program is adapted.

Q.2 - What level of guitar should I have ?

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you will learn new things and leave with more musical richness, I guarantee it !

Q.3 - In which languages are the lessons taught ?

The courses will be taught in French and English for everyone's comfort.

Q.4 -  Can I take photos and videos ?

You can take the number of photos and videos you want as long as you respect the image rights and don't sell the educational content.

Q.5 - Can I only attend the Concert ?

Yes, if you cannot participate in the 4-day course, you can still attend the concert, a price is available.

Q.6 - Can I participate only 2 days ?

Yes No problem ! A rate is offered for 2 or 4 days.

Q.7 - Can I not participate in certain workshops ?

As soon as you have paid for your place, you are free and entitled not to attend one or more workshops and to perform other outdoor activities.

Q.8 - Can I not participate in the performances ?

The performances will be opportunities for students to come play their favorite songs, compositions or to put into practice what they have learned in class. Nobody has to, playing on stage is by no means a torture but a privilege!

Q.9 - Can i arrive later ?

If you have to miss a morning or a day, don't worry for me, as long as you arrive on time for the other lessons and your payment is honored.

Q.10 - Is it a problem if I can't read music ? 

No problem, it will be available, scores, tablatures, chord boxes and explanations of oral fingering.

Q.11 - Is accommodation included ?

 Yes in option

Q.12 - Can I participate in the Camp and sleep elsewhere ?

Yes, no problem !

Q.13 - Where to eat ?

Around the hotel there are lots of small restaurants (Brasserie, Gourmet Restaurant, Pizzeria, Sushi, Chinese, Fast food or even a supermarket.

Q.14 - How do I book if I am a couple? (couple or friends)

It all depends on your expectations, if for example there are two of you, one person taking part in the course and the other not, and the first person will have to pay for his course with his accommodation and the person accompanying you will just have to pay for his room (with the meal if you wish to eat at the hotel).

Q.15 - Can I come accompanied ?

During the lessons, yes, only if you have health problems and therefore need medical assistance. Otherwise, the person accompanying you will have to pay for their seat.

Q.16 - I have health problems ?

Yes, right in the city center, Salies de Béarn is a small flower-filled town full of charm, with a pharmacy, supermarket, bakery, tobacco shop, restaurant, doctors, etc. within 300 meter

Q.17 - I have health problems ?

Doctors, Nurses, Radiologist, Fireman, Emergency Doctor, Ambulance are all around the hotel as well as the presence of fire safety officer (patented in the rescue).

Q.18 - Security?

Salies de Béarn is a quiet little town, but like everywhere there are a few idiots late at night… when at the hotel, several security guards are present in the building almost until 2 am.

Q.19 - What to do in my spare time ?

Various activities… Ballads, tennis, golf, swimming pool, cinema etc ...

Q.20 - Until when can I book?

You can book until August 02, 2020.

Q.21 - If I cancel, can I be reimbursed ?

Unfortunately no, once your place is reserved, it is final, even for good reason ... because your place will not be replaced.
However, we have provided you with cancellation insurance in the amount of 18 euros which will allow you to recover a percentage of the amount of your reservat