Q.1 - If I am a beginner, can I come ?

All levels can participate, no problem, the program is adapted. It is enough to have basics require a mastery of the instrument around brushes, arpeggios or even simple pinches.

Q.2 - What level of guitar should I have ?

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will learn new things and leave with more musical riches!

Q.3 - In which languages are the lessons taught ?

Classes will be taught in French and translated from English for everyone's comfort.

Q.4 -  Can I take photos and videos ?

You can take the number of photos and videos you want, as long as you respect image rights and do not distribute educational content.

Q.5 - Can I participate only 2 days ?

Yes No problem ! A rate is offered for 2 days.

Q.6 - Can I not participate in certain workshops ?

From the moment you have paid for your place, you are free and entitled not to attend one or more workshops.

Q.7 - Can i arrive later ?

If you have to miss a morning or a day, no worries, as long as you arrive on time for the other classes and your payment is honoured.

Q.8 - Is it a problem if I can't read music ? 

No problem, it will be made available, sheet music and tablatures.

Q.9 - Is accommodation included ?


Q.10 - Where to eat ?

Paris is a big city, it is quite easy to find or eat near the place.

Q.11 - Can I come accompanied ?

During lessons, yes, only if you have health problems and therefore need medical assistance. Otherwise, the person accompanying you will have to pay for their place.

Q.12 - Until when can I book ?

Until the day before.

Q.13 - If I cancel, can I be reimbursed ?

Unfortunately no.
However, we will provide you with a credit note, which you can use the following year.