Skype Lesson 

Learn the guitar without leaving the comfort of your home !

At the present time, it is becoming difficult to find time to engage in your passions with all the obligations of daily life and the guitar is unfortunately one of them.
Indeed, finding a good teacher and getting around (which takes time and represents fuel costs) remain obstacles that we would like to avoid.
Online courses are therefore the ideal solution to meet face to face with a teacher who will listen to you and give you the precious advice you need to get the results you want.
Classes can range from technique, to learning music theory, to working with rhythm, or designing a work structure suited to your musical objective.
Beginners, intermediates and confirmed are welcome !

The lessons will be accompanied by Pdf, mp3 and tablatures with the reference software “Guitar Pro”.
For the courses abroad, there is no problem, the lessons will be either in French or in English, please send me your time zone so that we can arrange an appointment.

Conditions & Regulations

Payments must be made at least 24 hours before each course to my paypal address (

If the payment is not made, the course is canceled, we can make a new reservation.
I would appreciate being informed 24 hours in advance if you know you cannot be at the meeting.
If the internet becomes crazy or unstable, we will postpone the lesson to another day.


Per Hour
  • You do your course when you want !
Per Month
  • 4 courses/ month = 1 lesson per week
  • 4 courses/ month = 1 lesson per week
  • + custom videos

For any questions or additional information, you can reach me in the contact section, thank you !


I came across the Kevuan's website by chance through my multiple searches on the net, and I said why not try !
I found his formulas attractive. It was a first for me, the video course system. It was a very good experience, Kevuân knows how to put you at ease and quickly takes into account your needs to do a really personal work and not follow a pedagogical line "boat". I was also surprised by the quality of the educational resources used. I highly recommend Kevuân lessons, you will not be disappointed!

Stephane - Versailles (France)

After trying with several teachers, I couldn't really express myself with the instrument. After a few months spent with Kevuan on Skype, I was finally able to discover another vision of music. His pedagogy allowed me to progress, understand what I was doing, while creating a repertoire.

Thierry - Nice (France)

After 4 years of guitar with him, I could learn a lot. Around structured lessons (warm-up, theory, chords, percussion, songs) and lessons in a very good atmosphere even through Skype. Despite it being lessons behind a screen, Kevuân can see your faults (positions, fingerings, positions etc.) and therefore correct you to progress.

Vincent - Le Mans (France)

After much research on the internet to find the criteria for a good guitar teacher, I discovered the Kevuan youtube page which answered everything I expected and even today I am not disappointed and do not regret my choice. He is a great listening teacher, very patient and educationalist. He gives quality lessons, just the right measure with consistent knowledge and communicates it with great pleasure. I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to have a different approach and vision, to progress and learn.

Anne - Montpellier (France)

Super teacher listening ! Patient and pedagogue, I learned and continue to learn so much with him, a real gold mine, a big thank you Kevuan for your sharing!

Veronique - Perpignan (France)

In 2013, I started the guitar by taking lessons with different teachers, sometimes I moved, the last came home, but never we found a real pedagogy. We went a bit in all directions and in the end we could not acquire mastery and knowledge of the instrument. I like everyone else, furious on the internet but we face the same problem, where to start. I contacted Kevuan more than 2 years ago, and I found in him the ideal partner to lay the foundations and move forward serenely in my practice of the instrument. 

The videoconference lessons were new to me, but in the end the important thing was there! A person who guides you according to your goals and who gives you the essentials to progress without stress. Many denigrate the courses given on the internet but in my opinion, the main thing is not having a person in front of you, but rather the ability of this person to transmit to you the essential elements to advance on the path of mastery of the instrument.

Kevuan will help you define your objectives, and will then be able to offer you a plan of attack to achieve them. Finally it must also be stressed and I think that is the keystone of all learning, personal work. Without the daily work of the instrument embellished with Kevuân advice and exercises, you will hardly get there. To trust Kevuân as I have done for a long time is to ensure good musical perspectives. Musically

Regis - Cocheren (France)

The lessons Kevuân offers me take place in a peaceful atmosphere that tends to induce self-confidence, his personality is endearing, the welcome is gentle and serious at the same time.
Kevuân is regular and punctual, he is remarkably available throughout the course, always encouraging and making few judgments, he is attentive and observant. He seems to have infinite patience, he is calm and stable, he first takes a little time to get to know you, to go around your needs, then he tries to put in place the appropriate learning.
Then we come to the rhythm, the chords, the techniques of touching the strings, we approach harmony.
He observes your general attitude, your position of the body, hands and fingers, his experience of the video allows him to correct you, for example, for me it is a vast and deep experience whose duration is not fixed, it is a path that opens up and gives itself a glimpse of, but it is obviously through exercise and work - essential - that progress can appear, and the vision materialize.

Thank you very much Kevuân for this support, which is like the start of a convalescence after years of frustration.

Patrick - Seysses (France)

I was able to find answers to my questions on Fingerstyle, a style that is very rare in France !'

Dylan - Cagnes sur Mer (France)

I am an extremely "classic" student at the base, having only taken lessons at home, or at a conservatory. I never imagined that Skype lessons could suit me so well. First of all, there is an undeniable saving in time and travel, but above all I find absolutely no disadvantage in not being in person thanks to Kevuân. It must be said that his videos, in addition to his lessons, sent every week after lessons, are of a real high educational quality. The fact of being able to make stills and to see them again at will, allows me to progress a lot and at my own pace. The most important thing is still that Kevuân has a very particular type of teaching which allows him, with patience and encouragement, to obtain the results he aims, the assistance of the student being, of course, necessary. For example, I have never been able to start improvising even a little bit before class with him, and Kevuân is allowing me to start. In short, there is Kevuân first, Skype then ... what advantages and a lot of fun ! Many thanks to kevuân for this brand new musical impetus!

Christophe - Paris (France)

For a long time I looked for the right formula in order to progress in the Ukulele. Between the same songs I was rehearsing alone at home and the tutorials on Youtube, I felt like I was stagnating. Then, I discovered Kevuân! At the beginning I told myself that on Skype it wouldn't be quite like a real lesson. I was wrong, he sees all our mistakes very well and as he is patient, the broadcasts are out of date. Listening, you can ask him any question, he will always answer it by putting himself at your level. Classes start on time and are always spent in a good mood with professionalism. He is a very good teacher, to try it is to adopt it ...

Didier - Nantes (France)

I've been taking corurs for 5 months with Kevuân. I am very satisfied with it! The lessons are serious, I am progressing well with his very educational lessons. Classes can be supported by personalized videos and allow you to work at home outside of class. I want to follow his lessons as long as possible because he is a very good teacher, I highly recommend him !

Marie - Nancy (France)

Kevuan, it's 5 years of learning electric guitar via Skype, 5 years of sharing and sometimes having fun !

Kevuan is learning differently, theory from another angle means understanding the incomprehensible ... Thank you!

Bruno - Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Amazing acoustic lessons with Kevuan !  Everything become more clear and easy with him, thanks a lot ! ;)

Anna - Berlin (Germany)

Eternal beginner who learns the guitar by more or less regular cycle between intense phases and phases of total relaxation see abandonment, I tested a lot of teachers, and different formulas without having really progressed (in physics, in video, with YouTube, with specialized magazines, individually, collectively, in school etc ...) I had never been able to make myself want to persevere and maintain consistency. Today thanks to Kevuan I'm getting there !!! The guy is Magic, his recipe is simple: he listens to his student's needs and knows how to meet them! As a teacher Kevuan knows perfectly well how to adapt to his student's desires while skilfully leading him on the path of progress. His self-taught journey gives him a real talent for identifying errors and for proposing suitable, simple and stimulating exercises to correct them. Best of all, the guy has real values and if you take the time to chat with him he will generously share some of them with finesse and humility. Personally, I know I would never need to look for a guitar teacher again ... it's done!

Michael - Brussels (Belgium)

I love taking lessons with him, for several years, my game and my vision of things have totally changed ... Thank you! 

Steve - Montreal (Quebec)

I love taking lessons with him, for several months, my game and my vision of things have totally changed ... Thank you ! 

Nicolas - Jerusalem (Israel)

His classes are incredibly clear! Patient, attentive, professional and very educational, I highly recommend ! 

Franck - Geneva (Switzerland)

I discovered Kevuan on youtube with one of his fingerstyle video clip. I was immediately captivated by his mastery and his sense of melody. Seeing that he offered skype lessons, I decided to take some lessons with him and I have absolutely no regrets. Kevuan is a very good teacher and take the time to explain things until they are understood, always attentive and always available to answer questions by email also outside of class. If you are looking for guitar lessons, do not hesitate you can go there with your eyes closed !

Pascal - Hammatsu (Japan)

You too, come and try the experience !

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